Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hey everyone! I'm Ami and I am this week's blogger, hooray! Unlike Arlyss, I live in Iksan, quite south of Seoul.:) It has a beautiful countryside as well as a bustling city of about 300,000 people. We get the best of both worlds here!
Anyway, today I think I'll talk about school and a little bit about what it's like living in a small town.

First off, our school is north of 익산 시내 and is in a little town (but still part of Iksan). It's a pretty big all girls' school and unlike American schools (or, at least my school), it has multiple buildings and the campus is a joint campus with the middle school. Unlike the students in Incheon and Seoul, Ashley, Lizzie, and I had our first day of school on Monday. Our language class venue is the school library so we ended up staying for the whole day, wearing the uniform, and eating with our classmates.

Yeah... I'm not much a photographer. :P

I even eat dinner at school! It's really not as bad as American lunch food so I don't really mind. But, it's still not as good as a homemade meal. So, breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day when in New York I barely even ate breakfast! It's amazing how even the smallest things change while abroad.

The three girls of Iksan: Ashleigh, me, and Lizzie! In our uniforms!

Well, I guess that's really it for now, hehe. I'm not much of a blogger, either. I'll be posting one more blog post later in the week so hopefully my blogging skills will have improved by then. :P
Thanks for visiting!:)


Side note: I can feel myself gaining weight, slowly but surely... Our school has a snack shack and we basically go every day and consume mass amounts of snack at school and then go home and eat even more snacks. But Korean food is so good, I can't help it!D:

Also, I didn't talk about living in a small town. Oh well, maybe next time hehe.

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  1. Thanks for the update Ami! That's a great picture of the Iksan ladies, nice uniforms!