Saturday, 15 September 2012

Adventures in Jeonju!

In a blink of an eye my blogging week has already come to an end! Luckily, I did something very exciting and fun today to blog about! Iksan is right next door to Jeonju, the capital of Jeonlabuk-do. It's famous for its awesome historic landmarks and its delicious bibimbap.

We basically hung around the Hanok Maeul (Korean traditional villages) during our stay in Jeonju, and I'd love to go back sometime soon to explore other parts of the city! Still, it was really pretty and I learned a bit more about Korean history.:)

Iksan girls in height order... I refuse to stand next to Lizzie in pictures because I look so little! 

I had bibimbap for lunch/dinner (we ate at 4:00, an awkward time haha) and it was really good! Although maybe I have poor taste buds since it didn't really taste much different from bibimbap I've eaten before...

The three of us in Iksan were also EXTREMELY surprised at the huge number of foreigners in the area. There was a festival going on by the Hanok Maeul and Jeonju is quite a large city, but us countryside students haven't really seen many foreigners in a while. It was such a shock to see so many of them! 

My host sister and I :)

TL;DR, It was a good day.:)


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  1. It's really embarrassing to tell you I have never been there.... :(
    Is Jeonju Bibimbap really that good!?