Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bakmun Girls High School - Incheon

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Hi everybody! My name is Ellen and I’m this week’s blogger. I’m currently living in Incheon, a satellite-city of Seoul, and am attending Bakmun Girl’s High School, an all-girls Catholic school. I’ve been having an amazing time so far here in Korea!

I think that the best way for me to convey my experience to you all is by taking you through a day in my life, rather than by cherry-picking through my favorite memories of the last week. Below is an account of my Tuesday!

Yesterday I woke up at about 6:50 AM and ate a traditional Korean breakfast (rice, soup, kimchi, panchan, meat, etc.) with my host father. I took the bus to school and met Masha, my fellow America, and Mrs. Kim, our sponsor teacher here at Bakmun. I had a full day of classes because yesterday was a Tuesday (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I leave school early to go to Korean class in Hongdae) – my class schedule included Math, Social Studies, Art, Science, English, and Korean. I also took an English test in Korean, which was pretty interesting haha. I’m really impressed by how proficient my classmates are in English; it makes me want to work really hard so that I can learn Korean more quickly!

After we finished classes, I took the bus back home – my host sister was playing piano and my host mom was singing along (they both have really beautiful voices :D). My mom, sister, and I walked to a street vendor, who popped a bag of rice we brought with us, and so last night we had delicious traditional Korean popcorn! My host mom made me kimchi ramen for dinner, and then I worked on my homework, watched some TV with my siblings, and Skyped with an American friend back in the U.S.

My family has worked really hard to make me feel at home, as has my host school (in terms of accommodating my needs, which – obviously – are significantly different that those of other students). Every day I try different food, my host family introduces me to yet another dimension of Korean culture, or I learn something new in my classes. I hope I can continue to take advantage of each moment that I’m here in Korea!

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