Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dongdaemun and the National Museum of Korea

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Today was a lot of fun too! Saturdays aren’t very consistent for me as of yet because I’ve been meeting different people each weekend and doing different things. I met my friend Young Soo today and we went shopping at Dongdaemun before taking the subway to the National Museum of Korea.

 I went to Dongdaemun once last summer, but didn’t have very much time to spend there, so I didn’t experience the haggling culture. Young Soo haggled for a jacket he bought, though, which was fun to watch. I didn’t need to, though, because I found really good deals on a few shirts that I wanted. Yay!

The National Museum of Korea is really, really amazing. I’m glad that I went! There’s a large exhibit taking up the entire first floor which walks visitors through a complete summary of Korean history, from Pre-History to the 1900s. The second floor had a set of private collections, all of which are worth visiting, and the third floor has statues and exhibits from other parts of Asia. My favorite exhibit was 금관 수하식, an ancient crown from the Silla Dynasty. I read a lot about Korean history and Korean history before I came here, so it was really amazing to see first-hand the artifacts which I’d already learned about.

While there, Young Soo and I tried Persimmon 팥빙수 and it tasted delicious! Last week, my host family pulled a persimmon out of the freezer and we ate it like icecream, which also was really good. 팥빙수 is one of my favorite foods here~ J

In the future, I’ll look forward to spending more time in Incheon so I can tell you all more about Incheon-specific tourist destinations and activities!

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