Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cat Cafes are Great

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Sorry this is really late! I've been pretty busy with my first week of school (and a busy weekend, too!) I'm pretty tired so I'm not going to type a lot, but I did want to share something I really enjoyed. Cat Cafes.

Okay, that might sound really lame, but I love cats and cafes. Honestly, mixing them just seems reasonable to me (the Hello Kitty Cafe is next on my hit list). If you don't know what a cat cafe is, it's literally just a cafe with a bunch of cats to play with. On Friday, Kelsey, Masha and I all went to Tom's Cat Cafe in Hongdae.

Although the kitties were very fluffy and cute, they weren't very sociable (aside from one ^^) and two attacked me. They aren't kidding when they say a cat's aggresive.

Lesson learned: Cat Cafes are serious business. Don't mess with the cats there.

I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures now because I'm tired. Take care everyone~ ^^

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