Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Winter winter winter

Hey everyone! It's DiMitri again!

January was definitely an interesting month. I found myself spending a lot more time at home this month, surprisingly. I spent a lot of time with my host siblings (who are ADORABLE), and I talked a lot with my host parents. I found that in the past month we've corrected a lot of the stereotypes we had about each other's cultures, and I learned so much about Korean culture and Korean people.

 I really enjoy having the kids to play with because it's really helping me with my Korean. I read them books and speak freely with them, but I also get to teach them a little bit of English. We've become really close and it's sad to think that in a few weeks I'm going to have to leave!

To be honest, January wasn't a very eventful month. Most of the pictures I took of myself were with these kids!

Ok, I lied. Actually I got accepted to university in January! This is my baby host sister playing with the pizza box from my celebration dinner.

Although January was PACKED with a bunch of activities (and a lot less of a break than I expected), there were definitely some moments where I got to recharge my batteries for a while. I can't say that it was good or bad overall because there was so much that happened! It's hard to keep track of all the things we did this month. I'm looking forward to see what February has in store!


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