Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Hello again! It's Masha~
Now that our winter vacation is over, many of us are preparing to go to our spring host families.

Winter break was pretty enjoyable, albeit a bit hectic. Nonetheless, I've found that living in Seoul really matches my rhythm of life. Among the things that I did over this winter break, there are a few worth mentioning.

First of all, with less time in school and more time to focus on my Korean studies, I found that my language skills have really improved over this time. Just yesterday I went to see a movie with a good friend of mine, and could easily follow the dialogue- even tearing up a bit at the saddest parts and laughing at the funniest parts!
7번방의 선물(The Present in Room 7); I really recommend watching it!~
Secondly, I was able to enjoy Lunar New Years with my host family and their large extended host family. At that time I visited  the my family's ancestral grave and also had a large feast with all of the family members! The day before I even made mandu with my host mother and host aunts!~
They looked good, and they tasted even better!! 
Lastly, after all the initial business of our winter schedule, I decided to to take some quiet days to relax, have some leisure time, and enjoy. I even found a new cat cafe while walking around the other day! :)
Since my host family doesn't have pets, it was nice to play with cats again, and the coffee was pretty good too ^_^
Well, that's it for me, bye!!~

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