Sunday, 13 January 2013

Under the Sea

Hey! It's Ami again back for my second blog post! This time I actually have pictures to use although the quality isn't the best and they are of sea animals...But still! I have pictures :)

Today I went to the Coex mall for the first time which is a pretty big touristy stop. Although I did sight see and window shop for a bit, the reason I went in the first place was to go to the aquarium! I had told my host mom I like aquariums and so she took me today! Yay!
It's a pretty big aquarium and it took about over an hour to see the whole entire aquarium from start to finish. It was just a regular aquarium except all the explanations and such were in Korean (although there was also a lot of Japanese and English). The fishies were really cute and the place was packed with little children. Yes, I was like the oldest person there besides the moms and dads, haha.

Now here are some pictures of fish and such!

Seoul has a lot of cool places to visit and this past week (the first week of our winter break) has been great and I've already hit a few of the touristy areas of the city.
That's about it... It was a short post but I remembered pictures this time! :)

Until next time,

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