Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hey, it's Ashleigh posting! Just a few weeks ago I moved up to Seoul for winter break and figured I'd just give my own point of view, having lived in a smaller city the first semester. First of all, the transportation. Back in Iksan, the buses stopped running around 9:30 or so making it difficult to stay out late at all. Also, it was about a 45 minute walk from my apartment to the area I used to frequently hang out with the other students so it was quite small in relativity to Seoul. You could also almost guarantee if you left your house to play with friends you'd see someone you knew on the streets whether it be a classmate or a teacher or a friend you met elsewhere. Another thing was the proximity to Jeonju, the capital of Jeollabuk and the food capital of Korea. It's famous for bibimbap and a traditional Korean village among other things. We could hop on a train and be in Jeonju in around 15 minutes, whereas in Seoul it'd be quite a bit longer and more expensive. And of course, Seoul has the famous tourist areas (none of which I've been to yet) that almost everyone visiting goes to. Though I haven't gone to them yet, I'm definitely planning to soon! I also haven't been taking many pictures (which I'm sure kick myself for later) but here are a few from when Daniel, Arlyss and I went to buy a few k-pop albums and met an adorable ajumma who gave us her favorite artist's album for free because she wants to share his music. Bless her soul, she's such a good fan <3

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