Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Family Unit

DiMitri again.

So, it's December and I'm hitting that W-curve hard. This will be my first Christmas away from home, and sometimes it doesn't feel like a big deal...other times I wonder why I decided to come on the program in the first place. BUT it's all a part of the experience...and growing up, because this is the first of many Christmases that I will be away from home.

Anyways, this season has me thinking a lot about families and whatnot. I think it's important as an exchange student to work on your host family situation every once in a while. I used to month of November as a "personal" month to apply to college and stuff, but in the process I've neglected my host family in some ways.

I've realized that I really need to put in more effort to get the family dynamic that I want from my host family. I've been more of a visitor than a family member, and I think there's a point where all host families and host students go through this. Especially in the coming weeks, I really want to have a family feeling for Christmas, so I have to take time to really push myself to be active with my host family. Showing that you have interest in being a part of the family not only strengthens your bond with the family, but it also shows them how thankful you are that they opened their house to you.

(This sounds like a New Year's Resolution...)

Of course, there will be times where you'll be uncomfortable or upset, but I learned (very recently, actually) that's it so much easier to handle your problems similarly to how you would with your real family. Sit them down, talk about it, try to understand each other. 

I just wanted to share that with others...I've been writing about it a lot, so I figured I'd tell someone.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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