Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hello! This is Andi posting. 

I cannot believe that it's already December. Pretty soon we'll be switching host families and although I'm looking forward to winter break, I'm not too excited about having to come back to school with a new school year and new homeroom. I feel like my class has fully accepted me as their classmate now and even the ones who shied away and avoided me at first now comfortably talk to me. I finally have everyone's names memorized and know what makes them tick, what they like, what they dislike, and their hopes for the future. I only have a couple of more weeks with them, but it would be really nice if I could spend the next semester with them so that our relationship could continue to grow. But because of how the Korean school year goes from March-December, 어쩔  없어 (it can't be helped).
At school the teachers now enforce all of the school rules to me, and apply the same consequences to me as they do to the other students. For example, I had to sweep the floors when my host sister and I came to school late; I have to pay 1,000won for every minute I'm late for school; I got called out by a teacher for wearing makeup (in my defense, it was only left over mascara that I couldn't completely remove…not sure how he was even able to tell); and during after school study hall a teacher said he'd only give me one warning before smacking me with a ruler the next time he sees me talking with another student.
However, obviously since my life as a student here is pretty different from that of my classmates, they don't exactly see me as one of them. Something that's getting annoying is how often they'll say "ohh 부럽다! {I'm jealous} I wish I could have it easy like you." like whenever I leave school early three days a week or when I don't have to come to school on major exam days. I leave school early to go to Korean class! And how am I supposed to take the same tests when they're in Korean and when I haven't studied for them? Being a foreign exchange student here isn't exactly all fun and games. 
Emma and I don't have school tomorrow because of final exams so we'll be going to Namsan Tower!

Happy December!

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