Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hey guys! It’s Masha ^^
As I write to you, we have just a week and a half left till yet another month will have passed!
Day by day it gets a little chillier, and many of us have been trying our best to keep ourselves warm. It can be a real challenge, especially with uniform skirts. At first when people told me that Korean winters are crazy cold, I thought “Pshhh, it can’t be that bad!”. I was wrong. If it’s already this cold now, I can’t imagine how much colder it will get as the winter progresses!!

Anyway, at the beginning of November we celebrated Halloween by throwing a party at the YES office! This photo is the result of said party:

I’ve also done a bit of exploring over the couple few weeks— since our school had midterms, Ellen and I were given three free days for excursion.
The first day we visited Chang Deok Gung Palace. The weather was a bit cold, but luckily it didn’t rain!~

The second day we went to Seoul Grand Park. The scenery was really beautiful and the leaves had just started turning colors!

There was also a contemporary art museum inside the park. Admission was free, so Ellen and I browsed the collections. Although I couldn’t take any pictures from inside the museum, I did get a few interesting ones of the statue garden outside!

The last day we briefly visited Namdaemun before our language classes ^^

I'm glad to have been able to go off a little bit and explore new places I haven't been to in Korea, and I look forward to having more adventures in the future!~

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