Sunday, 28 October 2012

Daniel Posting

What do you notice?

<Daniel Posting>

As I said before, Korea is so different. Even more so than America. For this reason, I would like to identify these reasons in a tempt to illustrate to you, two different societies and their views toward foreigners.

In America, it is hard to tell the difference between Americas and foreigners. People all over the world come to America. So it is very diverse. Koreans see foreigners and are in awe. Foreigners stand out in Korea. For some reason I don't set why they do this. I guess it's because Foreigners don't come to Korea that often as much as America.

One big thing I like about Korea is the price of goods. Things are so much cheaper here than in America. And whats more, they have no taxes. This is the best, and so much simpler. You don't need to worry about having the right amount, and enough for taxes. Just exact, solid numbers.

Korea's Censorship is way more strict than in America. There are cameras everywhere, to make sure you are not doing anything illegal. There is little controversy surrounding CCTV. Do you agree with it's existance? Anyways, it's strict censorship prevents people from going on seductive webpages....
So I've heard. But really, America does not have this therefore have more access to do frowned upon things. These are just a fes of the differences between Korea and America. I hope you get the picture and understand that people and societies are different everywhere you go.

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