Sunday, 2 September 2012

RD posting_September blogger lists

<So Hyun Park. RD posting>

I was so happy to see you everyone of you, I got a lovely feeling that I will have a splendid year
with all of you eversince I met you at the airport.
The first weekend in Korea passed so quick.
How was your night with your host family?
Everyone responded to my text yesterday so quick except one student;(,
saying that they are having nice time with their host family.
So that made me sleep without any worries ^.^

Below is the list of Bloggers for this month.
Weekly blogger will post at least 2 postings each week.
If you want a specific topic, it will be great! but if you want to share your daily life or what you learned in school, it's fine!
Also, when you are posting, put your name at the front!

Bloggers for September

Week 2 (Sep 3rd - Sep 9th) - Arylss Hewitt-Stevens
Week 3 (Sep 10th - Sep 16th) - Ami Tanahashi
Week 4 (Sep 17th - Sep 23th) - Ellen Swicord
Week 5 (Sep 24th - Sep 30th) - Ashleigh Janz, Kelsey Anderson

Please follow the lists,
(but if you have something to tell us or share with us when you are not the Weekly Blogger,
feel free to post)
your stories!
Also, I will be using this blog to share any information or announcements I need to give you,
so please keep this blog in your sight.

So this week, we have our first blogger.
I am so excited to hear what Arlyss has to say!

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  1. I'm excited to follow your group blog and read about this year's adventures for the NSLI-Y Korea students! Good luck with the first week of school everyone!